There are a lot of really great shoes on the market today, but if you’re like me, sandals are your go-to option for the hot summer days. Whether you’re headed to work with a long walk in between or just plan on plopping down in front of the television then waiting for it to rain again, sandals are an affordable and quite frankly unbeatable pick.

The best types of sandals have certain qualities that all make them standout against lesser competitors. Shoe:


You want a pair of sandals that are the most comfortable around your feet, no matter what you plan on doing during the day. Comfort is not only going to make your day much more pleasant and productive but will also be smarter for the environment, as your feet are less likely to overheat in a pair of open shoes.


You want a style that is in fashion but also has functionality. There isn’t anything worse than walking into work with a pair of sandals that don’t match another part of your outfit already and look like they belong to the eighties. Therefore, try and find a pair that not only suits your needs but also compliments the rest of your clothing.


There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive shoe that breaks down quickly. You can get a lot out of a good pair of sandals if you take care of them, so it is important to find one that will last at least several months in reasonable conditions while being made with high-quality materials.


There is definitely no shortage of sandal styles, but for a lot of people the choice is between an open-toed or closed-toed sandal. The only real way to know which one you prefer is to try both on and walk around a bit. Whether you choose one that’s open or closed it should make your feet feel just as good as the other one, so it really comes down to what is in style right now and what will match your clothing better.


Sandals aren’t going to be the most expensive pair of shoes that you own, but they are going to add up when you buy more than one pair in a year. It’s always good to plan before you buy and make sure that the sandals you are looking at are affordable for many months of use.


You want a pair of sandals that aren’t made out of cheap plastic, especially those that will be wearing a lot. Some cheaper materials may be more comfortable or lighter than others, but in the long run their durability isn’t going to be as good as some stiffer and harder materials.


There are two general categories of sandals that are worn right now. The first one is going to look like regular shoes but with an open toe and an exposed sole. The second type is that of a flip-flop, which is going to be made out of a lighter material and have a strap across the top.


Sandals are an amazing option for your feet since they can keep in the cool air yet let out the heat that you generate during the day. Make sure that you get one that fits well, does not have cheap materials, and more than anything else feels comfortable to wear for many hours at a time.