When it comes to your wardrobe, it’s easy to feel like you’re behind the times if you haven’t jumped on every new trend as soon as it happened. However, there’s nothing wrong with waiting until a style has established itself before you hop aboard – in fact, the trendiest looks will be around longer if more people are wearing them, so you’ll have longer to wear yours. The following are The Must-Have Dress Styles of 2022:

1. Organic Cotton Ruffle Dress - Driftwood

The original organic cotton ruffle dress was a big hit at last year’s summer festivals, and now the trend has spread to designer fashion stores. This season’s organic cotton ruffle dress is longer than the original, with a breathable cotton-voile fabric and a multi-layered lace ruffle. The hems are scalloped for extra style.

2. Organic Cotton Ruffle Dress - Basil Stripes

The 2019 version of the organic cotton ruffle dress was short and sweet, and now the trend has evolved into a longer, more elegant style with a wider ruffle. The fabric is a soft, breathable blend of organic cotton and viscose.

Like the original version, this dress is perfect for summer wear.

3. Organic Cotton Ruffle Dress - Olive Dots

Vivienne Westwood’s new fall/winter collection has a number of synthetic materials, but there was one that we couldn’t help but notice – the textile printed in blue, white, and red with an olive pattern. In general, the look is very popular this season.

For a more modern take on the trend, choose an organic cotton ruffle dress in green or yellow with an olive-colored floral print.

4. Organic Cotton Ruffle Dress - Moonlight

When it comes to color, we are seeing a lot of blue, especially in tops. Blue dresses, however, have been popular for years.

This summer-ready material is breathable and comfortable for any occasion – on vacation, at your best friend’s wedding or in your garden.

5. Organic Cotton Ruffle Dress - Meadow

The popular trend of the past few seasons has been “garden party,” which translates to “summer picnic.” The trend is about casual style for your special event.

For this season, there’s no need for velvet because the organic cotton ruffle dress is becoming the new place to wear this look. This season we see a slight variation with a feather print or black and white check pattern, but those are best suited to a more formal setting.

6. Organic Cotton Flutter Dress - Sedona

For a more formal look, choose the organic cotton flutter dress – the best choice for your next business lunch or cocktail soiree. The material is a soft cotton-knit fabric that is breathable and comfortable.